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“We Have an Activation Problem,” Said the Bank Without an EMOB Plan

Many financial institutions can speak to their EMOB initiatives, but seldom are we able to get our hands on formalized plans that we can review and use to inform our recommendations. Why? Because more often than not, formalized EMOB plans don’t exist.

How Bank Branch Grand Openings Can Create Buzz in Urban Markets

Branch grand openings represent opportunities not only to evolve the brand’s physical footprint but also to grab market share from competitors. This is especially true in densely trafficked and populated urban markets.

Email Predictions Represent New Creative Opportunities for Financial Services Marketing

Email marketing is going even deeper. Right. Now. And financial services marketers, who already gather behavioral intel and can access highly detailed customer data, are among those best positioned to take the channel to the next creative level.

Wells Fargo Gets Out Ahead of Competitors With Cardless ATM Push

Cardless ATMs are among those “banking innovations” that have been long-touted, but so far failed to break though. However, with Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo all making strong pushes to adopt this, 2017 could be the year of change.

Like It’s 1991: Bank Branch Grand Opening Celebrations

Grand Opening Celebations (GOCs) will continue to thrive as banks across the U.S. better understand their communities (and their expectations)... and know who will show up and party right along with them.

Emphasizing Mobile Payment Options Is a Win-Win for Issuers

When we look at three landing pages we see a certain amount of “keeping up with the Joneses” at play in the marketing. It's smart marketing to give your customers options, and that is exactly what these issuers are doing.

Popular financial services marketing posts focus on customer loyalty and content marketing

Top 10 Financial Services Posts of 2016 Focus on Customer Loyalty and Content Marketing

When we took a look at the top financial services posts published on our blog in 2016, three themes emerged: loyalty (relationships), specific tactical opportunities and content marketing. The list echoes what we’re hearing from our FS clients who are constantly seeking strategies to build customer relationships, gather better market/audience intel and boost engagement.

How and why M&T Bank promoted responsive design during website relaunch

M&T Bank Uses Website Relaunch to Teach Customers About Responsive Design

Bank websites with responsive design improve the customer experience, so when M&T relaunched its website, it heavily promoted that the new site "works across devices." We like this approach: regional banks not only need to provide excellent service but also show customers they can compete with top banks.

How can your bank branch express your brand?

Is Your Bank Branch an Expression of Your Bank Brand?

Bank branches that focus solely on the transactional nature of business conducted there are missing an opportunity to “make the branch visit a brand experience.”

Examples of relationship building efforts at bank and credit union branches

How Banks and Credit Unions Are Using Branches to Build Customer Relationships

Although digital banking and mobile wallets dominate much of the financial services conversation on customer experience, “[Banking] is still a people business at heart.” And that’s exactly what we found in a quick review of bank and credit union social streams: branch events that focus on human interaction and relationship-building.