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Data from ACA consumers pre open enrollment

Will Consumers Shop Around for Health Insurance During Open Enrollment?

Yes – consumers are planning to shop around for health insurance. In fact, according to a survey we conducted just prior to open enrollment, respondents are even more likely to look for a new health plan this year than they were last year.

Post-ACA Data: Health Care Shopper Survey Yields Marketing Insights

The results of our new survey, conducted in collaboration with Competiscan, point to ways that insurers can improve the member experience and prepare for future open enrollment periods.

New ACA Data: How Health Care Consumers Shopped Year 2… and Why

Now that open enrollment for the second year of ACA is in the books, Media Logic has teamed up with Competiscan to see how healthcare consumers shopped and to learn what motivated them.

Marketing campaigns for HAP based on research and insights

Research and Insights at Center of Marketing Campaigns for HAP

To increase enrollment and maximize the efficiency of its marketing efforts for ACA’s second year, HAP engaged Media Logic to build campaigns informed by research and insights.

Media Logic ACA consumer survey

New ACA Consumer Survey Yields Strategic Insights for Health Insurance Marketers

Although 20.6 percent were “very satisfied” and 40.2 percent were “satisfied” with their current plans, three out of five still intend to or may shop for new plans. Of those who are likely to be shopping, 60 percent say they’ll be looking for new insurers.

competition on ACA healthcare exchanges

What Does Competition within Healthcare Exchanges Mean for Consumers and Marketers?

As the second year of marketplace enrollment gets underway, a good amount of the conversation about ACA centers on price transparency and premiums. What – if anything – has insurer competition meant?

Consumer education is a priority in ACA open enrollment

Consumer Education Still No. 1 Priority This Open Enrollment Season

This year's open enrollment challenges paint a pretty clear picture: as was the case a year ago, many people are simply not educated about the new healthcare law and what it means for their own coverage needs. Therefore, instead of simply “marketing” their plans, payers need to become educators so that consumers can become better healthcare shoppers.

challenges for payers in 2015 open enrollment

ACA’s Second Round Still Poses Challenges for Payers

“Been there, done that.” Think that’s what insurers are saying about this year’s health insurance enrollment period? Think again! Tomorrow marks the re-opening of the ACA’s healthcare marketplaces, and while having a year under our collective belts should make the process smoother than the first time out, this year presents both new and continuing challenges.

healthcare consumers plan to shop again in 2015 open enrollment

New Data: In ACA’s Second Year, Healthcare Consumers are Ready to Shop

Results of a survey Media Logic conducted with Competiscan in the weeks just prior to open enrollment indicate that although 61 percent of those enrolled in health plans via state or federal exchanges are satisfied with their health plans, 61 percent also “plan to or may” shop for new plans.

LA Times creates tool to find doctor on healthcare exchange

Find Doctors: Retail-Style Healthcare Marketing Tool from an Unexpected Source

While doctor databases are not new, typically only individual health insurers track which physicians participate in their own plans. In comparison, the LA Times tool aggregates all the plans in which a doctor participates within Covered California. We find it interesting that this very positive example of retail-style healthcare marketing is coming not from the state or plans themselves, but the media.