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UCSF Imaging recognized for active Twitter strategy

Successful Twitter Strategy Helps Healthcare Brand Stand Out Among Peers

Authors of a recent social media study, which named Media Logic client UCSF Imaging a top Twitter account, make the following recommendation: “More departments are encouraged to take advantage of [Twitter] to engage colleagues in radiology and other medical specialties, their patients, the media and the general public.”

Digital and social marketing for telehealth innovations from Anthem BCBS

Anthem BCBS Promotes Telehealth as a Top Innovation

Right now, since telehealth isn’t covered by many health plans, it can be a point of differentiation in a time of great competition in the healthcare industry. As a result, Anthem not only directly promotes its telehealth benefit via its websites, but also works to educate its members (and others) about telehealth via several other channels.

how digital and social tools may reduce hospital readmissions

Can Digital and Social Tools Reduce Hospital Readmissions?

Though not without problems, new technologies point to solutions for healthcare communications beyond print discharge papers. And the good news is not all of them require investment in a mobile app. Many existing digital and social tools already have the potential to assist with communication that can reinforce physician instructions and clear up confusion and, as a result, have the potential to avoid unnecessary readmissions.

When healthcare data merges with social data predictive results improved

What Does Healthcare Data Need to Make It Most Useful? Facebook!

As patient data gets digitized and analyzed in an effort to improve medical services and outcomes, bad data can be an obstacle to the best care. Enter Facebook. Ever heard of it? That’s tongue-in-cheek, of course, but have you considered the popular social network as a resource for quality healthcare?

What Facebook Zero Means for Healthcare Marketers

If you’ve invested in creating a robust liker base for your hospital’s Facebook page, you may be thinking, “What now?” And if you’re just getting started with marketing providers and services via Facebook, you may be thinking, “Why bother?” Take heart.

Online Reviews Making You Queasy? On Proactive Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Trustworthy (or not) and accurate (or not), consumers are using online reviews at least in part to select their healthcare providers. And as more “shopping” behaviors are adopted in healthcare, these reviews can be perceived as measurements. But what is being measured? Outcomes? Costs? Bedside manners? Patient satisfaction does not necessarily equal quality care.