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financial services Twitter chat examples

Twitter Chats for Financial Brands Offer Consumer Education and Engagement

Twitter chats hosted regularly by Tangerine Bank and Experian are strong examples of how FS brands can pursue thought leadership and establish connections with consumers by putting their expertise into a format that works for and engages a social media audience.

findings from The CMO Survey

Get Inside Your CMO’s Head on Budgets, Growth, Social Media and ROI

Understanding the CMO mindset may be helpful for marketing and product teams as they get in sync with CMO priorities and plans. Here are some key findings from a recent CMO survey by Deloitte and other sponsors in partnership with the American Marketing Association.

Marketing implications of Facebook's algorithm changes

Advice for Financial Services Marketers in the Wake of Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Worried about ongoing changes at Facebook? Don't panic. There are still plenty of opportunities to reach audiences through the social platform with engaging content and targeted ads.

Financial Services Brands Test Out Content Marketing Trends

Financial institutions are becoming more willing to creatively explore popular topics & platforms in their marketing strategies.

What Top Financial Brands Teach Us About Social Media Engagement

We looked at social media profiles of some top banks to see what brand followers find most engaging. Hopefully, seeing what they’re doing will help you identify your own brand’s sweet spot.

How Financial Services Brands Use Instagram in Marketing Strategies

A Look at Instagram and Its Use in Financial Services Marketing

These examples from Chase, American Express and Citibank demonstrate how financial services brands can use Instagram to support both their value proposition and the platform's mission.

Apply new thinking to financial services mobile marketing and customer loyalty

7 Questions to Ask as You Expand Mobile Marketing and Loyalty Programs in 2017

As mobile and loyalty both continue to gain momentum through 2017, they’ll require fresh thinking from brands, including financial services companies. We agree with Social Times: “The strategy needs to go beyond just having an application or a stagnant loyalty program.” Thinking on other marketing fronts – such as social media and personalization – must evolve, as well.

#BankLove from Fifth Third Bank delights customers

#BankLove is Music to the Ears of Fifth Third Bank *and* Its Customers

If loving their bank is wrong, Fifth Third Bank customers don’t want to be right. Using the #BankLove hashtag, Fifth Third Bank surprised some of them recently by turning their positive feedback into songs and sharing them via video on Facebook and Twitter.

American Express targets older Millennials by sharing

American Express Commiserates With Millennials: “Adulting” Is Hard

Although we really think the tone/message is spot-on, the campaign’s execution on Facebook and Instagram (@americanexpress ) is where it has the potential to get really interesting.

Bank of America take customer-centric approach to innovation

How Innovation Helps Bank of America Deliver on a Customer-Centric Focus

In a report to stockholders, Bank of America's CEO pledged that Bank of America would continue to drive responsible growth by making smart decisions based on customer needs and attitudes. And the bank is already delivering on this customer-centric focus in a number of tangible ways.