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Can credit card rewards sustain the customer relationship?

Can Rewards Sustain a Customer Relationship?

With deep market saturation, continual launch of new programs and reinvention of existing programs, there is a high degree of churn and upward pressure on brands' credit card reward programs. However, these marketing communications create opportunities to build customer loyalty.

Boost co-brand credit card engagement by encouraging world spend

Boosting Co-Brand Credit Card Engagement by Encouraging World Spend

Successful co-branders understand the importance of constant testing in order to find effective ways to drive world spend. They also know that encouraging cardholders to use their cards beyond the brand not only increases card usage, but also boosts card loyalty. By linking world spend to incremental co-brand rewards, cardholders will be more likely to keep their co-brand cards top of wallet.

Chase Freedom – #forthefun

The #forthefun campaign gives Chase Freedom a personality boost while still focusing on its value prop: the juxtaposition of the card’s utility (“the card is for the essentials”) with the card’s end benefit (“the cash back is for the fun”).

American Express is Reinventing the Rewards Platform

In our on-the-go, constantly connected, mobile world where so much is at our fingertips, consumers have a new expectation of wanting things quickly, easily and in the moment. This expectation is challenging industries to look for new opportunities to engage consumers, opportunities that will meet an increasingly impatient society head on. One area that American Express is exploring has the potential to change the face of the credit card rewards platform by bringing an “on-the-go” approach to the current burn structure.

U.S. Bank Rewards SBOs for the Swipes They Make and Take

Many issuers have small business payment products that include usage incentives to encourage spend on the cards. But we recently noticed that one major issuer is now offering incentives for business to accept credit cards from their customers.

Inside the Crosshairs: Credit Card Reward Program Marketing

As credit card issuers grow their portfolios by concentrating their acquisition efforts on cardholders with higher spend, rewards are necessarily becoming a bigger part of the value proposition. And now, as part of monitoring market activities, CFPB announced that it will review the clarity and transparency of reward disclosures.

Capital One’s #BucketList Encourages Customers to Dream Up Ways to Use Rewards

As rewards cards have become almost ubiquitous, financial service companies are increasingly focused on showing the value of these products. To do this, it’s not enough to simply tell cardholders how to earn points or miles, you need to show the end benefit that comes when those points are redeemed for something tangible. A current social promotion from Capital One does just that: “What’s on your #BucketList? If you can dream it, you could make it a reality with miles from the Capital One Venture Card."