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HC Insights - D-SNP Direct Mail 2022

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) in 2022: What Healthcare Marketers Should Know

One trend that we pay close attention to is the continued growth in popularity of dual-eligible special needs plans (D-SNPs) for both for payers and dual eligible beneficiaries. As payers continue to be interested in managing the care of the growing dual-eligible population, we wanted to look at how these plans marketed their benefits to prospects over the past calendar year.

Blog image shows an older women and a younger girl dancing and the CVS logo

What to Learn from CVS on Chronic Condition Management Communications

As is with most people scanning scores of emails in their inboxes, the ones that stand out to me are the ones that speak to me, personally. Recently, an email from CVS caught my eye and undoubtedly won engagement with others like myself because the email is personally targeted, built on trust and educational. The approach and simplicity offer a lesson for payers and population health management regarding chronic condition management communications. Sometimes, all people need to be nudged to better health is simple, relatable communication.

Successful Healthcare Marketing Strategies: See the Campaigns

During the last year, Media Logic has had the opportunity to guide our healthcare clients – both health insurers and hospital systems – through a wide range of marketing challenges, and help them turn those challenges into opportunities to build stronger brands, generate leads, build loyalty and aid retention.

How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Can Benefit Health Insurers

Mobile use creates a sense of urgency, and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) can help brands respond accordingly.These pages frequently appear in the “top stories” carousel section that sits at the top of mobile search results, as identified by a lightning bolt icon and the letters “AMP.”

Where do doctors, patients and insurers stand on digital health?

Adoption of Digital Health and #mHealth: Where Do Consumers, Providers and Payers Stand?

While patients and doctors work on their relationships with healthcare data, insurers are working out some of their own issues with technology. Whether through online cost and price transparency tools, new mobile apps or other digital health initiatives, payers are figuring out how to use technology to improve products and customer service for the same very compelling reason: it’s what consumers have come to expect.

Digital and social marketing for telehealth innovations from Anthem BCBS

Anthem BCBS Promotes Telehealth as a Top Innovation

Right now, since telehealth isn’t covered by many health plans, it can be a point of differentiation in a time of great competition in the healthcare industry. As a result, Anthem not only directly promotes its telehealth benefit via its websites, but also works to educate its members (and others) about telehealth via several other channels.