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Examples of financial education content from banks

Financial Education Content Can Enhance Customer Loyalty

When done well, digital, self-serve financial education materials can improve customers' financial wellness, build consumer affinity for the brand and set the brand apart from its competitors. Here are some recent examples from top FIs!

Marketers Take Out the Rally Towels for Consumer Financial Education

Financial education efforts not only benefit consumers, but they also make strategic marketing sense. See what top brands are doing on a scale from low-key (conversation) to rally towel (“concert” tour)!

Media Logic Client Spotlight: MVP Health Care

Attention Healthcare Shoppers: MVP is Open… at the Mall

With help from Media Logic, MVP Health Care is bringing health insurance to the people. And within just a few weeks of opening, MVP already reports tremendous interest from a range of consumers.

incentives to try new healthcare products

Companies Offer Incentives to Encourage Healthcare Consumers to Adopt New Habits

Healthcare innovators are currently using incentives to promote their products and services.

Do consumers think their health plans are worth it?

Health Insurers: Do Consumers Think Your Health Plans Are “Worth It”?

The affordability of health insurance is more than a perception problem, and it’s about far more than whether consumers like their insurance companies or plans. The very real financial struggle creates a fundamental challenge: the industry’s bottom line requires consumers to see value in – and continue to pay for – health plans.

Infusing the Dreamscape

I turn to Dwell for inspiration, for new ideas to populate my dreamscape. So maybe the context made me more “prepared” to see deeply into this recent article in the magazine. On one level, it is a pretty prosaic story about the gadgets and software that connect the online and real world. But somehow, the idea that architecture and portable communication technologies are allowing us to interact with space and with each other in new ways struck me as profound.