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What’s in an OE? Capital One Looks to Find Out

What’s in an OE? Capital One Looks to Find Out

Is beauty only skin deep? That seems to be the question Capital One is asking with different versions of its current direct mail acquisition packages. Media Logic’s financial services marketing experts take a look at what the brand may be testing… and why.

Millennial Marketing Tips

A Millennial’s Take on the Right Vibe for Financial Services Marketing

In addition to noting some ground rules about Millennial marketing – like “avoid gimmicks and lengthy sales pitches” – this Millennial Marketing Showcase identifies some positive steps financial services brands are taking to reach this important audience.

Rob Gronkowski as spokesperson for Capital One 360

Capital One Taps Latest Celebrity Pitchman’s Fan Base Like a Total Pro

Rob Gronkowski's self-professed financial savvy was a hook for Capital One, which more than likely was fully aware that the mash-up of “party boy” + “financial advisor” would make people scratch their heads… just enough to create buzz around the campaign.

What’s Working in Millennial Financial Services Marketing

Our “Millennial Marketing Showcase” features examples from Chase, Sun Trust, Citi, Discover, Navy Federal Credit Union, Capital One, Synchrony Bank and more. We think when you take a look at what others are doing to translate their Millennial know-how into creative marketing, you’ll discover ideas for making your own Millennial outreach more effective.

Why American Express is Going Old School to Promote the Future

Apple Pay, and other apps like it, could eventually signal a change in how consumers think about and use payment products. And to promote this cutting edge, possibly game changing way to pay, Amex decides to roll out old ad clips. Why evoke these iconic images for such a new piece of technology?

Content marketing strategies that matter for financial services

9 Content Marketing Trends of Note for Financial Services

To facilitate a discussion about best practices among your marketing teams, we’ve put together highlights from trends and predictions pieces that are often discussed this time of year and related them specifically to financial services.

Top 10 Financial Services Marketing Posts for 2014

The Financial Services Team at Media Logic publishes dozens of financial service marketing articles each year, paying close attention to what resonates with clients and other readers. It’s always interesting to note what’s most popular: it reflects some of the year’s most interesting trends and developments along with long-held priorities for the industry. Here’s this year’s list, our “Top 10” financial services marketing posts for 2014.

Banks rely on traditional tactics when marketing new bank branches

Grand Openings: The State of Marketing New Branches

A dive into the “new branch” marketing activities of TD Bank, Capital One and Chase reveals that financial institutions rely heavily on old-school, tried-and-true tactics to create awareness and drive traffic to new locations.

Reaching SBOs Requires an “All-In” Content Marketing Strategy

The issuers that have made the commitment to go all in with distinct, branded small business product lines are also the ones leading the way in content marketing to SBOs. They have realized that the combination of the product identities, robust original content and outside relationships are all necessary to have a successful content marketing strategy.

Tales of a Successful Takeover: How Capital One Kept this Loyal ING Direct Customer

Capital One deserves a lot of credit for realizing that to successfully take over a beloved brand they needed to also preserve it and allow it to flourish.