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Bank of America life stage marketing

Bank of America Turns Life Stage Into a Product

While many financial institutions attempt to market life stage banking products/services and implement effective migration strategies we haven’t seen any do so as clearly and effectively – or in such a “productified” way – as Bank of America.

Examples of financial services influencer marketing on Instagram

How Financial Services Influencer Marketing Strives for Authenticity on Instagram

Brands on Instagram face a pretty big challenge: how to create content that achieves the level of authenticity platform users expect. One approach is to leverage the audiences of popular content creators, as in these recent posts published in partnership with top FIs, including Amex, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, U.S. Bank and Visa.

How Did Financial Service Brand Ads Fare at the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl ads tend to be epic or wacky. These days, consumers may not want their financial companies to be either. Epic can be an overpromise, and wacky can come across as flip. For an industry still taking heat for the Great Recession, finding the balance of “play it safe” while still being memorable is key.

Charlotte: The Epicenter of Bank Social Activity

Two financial institutions have increased their focus on social media and have elevated the visibility of their activity on social channels, and both plan to work on social predominantly out of Charlotte – which could soon lay claim as “the big bank epicenter for social activities.”

6 Factors Changing the Bank Branch Customer Experience

More and more, we see bank branches becoming a mix of environments: high touch for affluent where personal interaction is protected, and low touch – via technology – for mass market consumers. Banks are also reducing real estate and staffing costs as they move to branch models that encompass a strategic mix of venues. Here’s a quick look at why change is happening... and how that change is apparent right now.