Author: Arte Levy

How Citizens Bank Knew It Was “Ready” for a Rebrand

How do you know when you’re “ready” for a rebrand? For Citizens Bank, it was when their customer data told them so. We take a look at how “Made Ready” targets a new kind of customer journey and builds emotional affinity for the brand.

Marketing to educate contactless cardholders

100,000,000 (and One) Reasons to Jump on the Contactless Card Marketing Bandwagon

Now is the time for bank and credit union marketers to actively invest in educating their contactless cardholders, benefit from the new contactless card infrastructure and compete with the big banks and other progressive competitors.

What the difference between retargeting and remarketing means for your digital strategy

Retargeting vs. Remarketing > Two Letters Make a Big Difference

Among the options available to digital marketers are two very similarly named tactics: retargeting and remarketing. In practice, some treat them as if they are the same, but they are probably more different than alike.

6 Ways to Make Financial Services Marketing More Relevant to Millennial Audiences

You may feel like your marketing is doing everything right, but despite your efforts, you’re not effectively reaching millennials. Here are some tips you can try to better earn millennial love for your financial services, products and brands...

Restoring the Faith: Rebuilding Consumer Confidence in the Wake of a Data Breach

Recent research found that 37 percent of Americans have expressed a preference to use cash in lieu of credit or debit cards to pay for purchases because of the recent thefts. Right now is a strategically critical time for financial institutions to refocus credit and debit card product messaging to increase emphasis on security features.

Keeping Score: Free FICO Popular with Discover “It” Cardholders

In November 2013, Discover followed Barclaycard and FNBO’s First Bankcard to offer free FICO Scores to “It” cardholders. The free reports are designed to build customer “loyalty, trust and growth through greater transparency” and greater consumer understanding of what FICO scores are, how they are calculated and how they are used for risk management decisions.

A Departure from the Expected? The New Virgin America Visa Signature® Credit Cards

The card-marketing materials that are showing up in market tap Virgin America’s highly provocative brand personality. In a nod to the airline’s fun, playful mix of style, service and quality design, they capture unique brand details, such as the fuchsia-red color of the airline’s in-flight cabin mood lighting.

Are You Breach Ready? What Financial Institutions Can Learn from Target’s Recent Data Loss

Whether unintended, malicious or criminal, data breaches are more common than you may think. In fact, The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has cataloged over 4,100 data breaches made public since 2005, which makes it feel like more a question of when – than if – a breach of financial and/or personal data will occur. There is a lot at stake (most significantly the very reputation of your brand) so immediate action is very important. Here’s how to begin developing a crisis plan to respond immediately to a data breach...

Positioning for the New Wells Fargo Bank Propel 365 American Express Credit Card

Wells Fargo is using this card product and its new partnership with American Express to dive deeper into relationships with its customers.

Inside the Crosshairs: Credit Card Reward Program Marketing

As credit card issuers grow their portfolios by concentrating their acquisition efforts on cardholders with higher spend, rewards are necessarily becoming a bigger part of the value proposition. And now, as part of monitoring market activities, CFPB announced that it will review the clarity and transparency of reward disclosures.