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Social Media: It’s Not Defense. It’s Not Offense. It’s Interaction!

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Social Media: It’s Not Defense. It’s Not Offense. It’s Interaction!In his recent interview with Media Logic, social media consultant Jason Falls noted the very cool and too often undervalued role social media tools like Zeitgeist & Coffee play in charging up client-side, client/agency and client/world creative interaction.

Jason latched onto our product as an easy way to step clients into social media.

And in true social media fashion, his feedback helped us refine our pitch.

Media Logic’s Zeitgeist & Coffee opens a fat pipe of information that flows without resistance between client, agency, influencer and customer. But raw information is not where the value lies. It’s the social interaction surrounding its contextualization and use – particularly when managed with a real live human at the hub – that modifies creative thinking, leading to more rapid development of innovative strategies, refined brand positionings and even new products.


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