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Content Marketing: Don’t Doom Relationships Before They Start

Content marketing is all the buzz these days. And for sure, content marketing has become a prerequisite to doing business for many, if not most, marketers today. However, some are killing any opportunities they create… before they even get off the ground. Consider my recent personal experience: a vendor emailed an invitation to download interesting content and less than five minutes after I clicked on the link – before I’d had an opportunity to digest the content – a salesperson was on the phone asking to follow up with me. Then, before my phone hit the receiver from my brief reply through our receptionist that I was unavailable, an email arrived from the same salesperson. “Gee,” I thought. “This guy is either really on the ball, or this company is starving for business.” The thought of the latter started eroding credibility. Strike one.

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What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Promotion Guidelines

This time last year, asking your Facebook fans to comment on your page for a chance to win X, Y or Z was virtually a social sin when it came to abiding by the network’s strict promotion guidelines. But just as it’s wont to do, Facebook is changing its tune. On the heels of an announcement that the ad creation process will be simpler, Facebook updated its Pages Terms to make running promotions a lot easier, too. A lot easier. One change in particular – how fans can enter contests – is perfect for brands looking to engage with and reward their audiences in a simple, cost-effective way.

Uber: Taking Back Control of the Customer Review

As a marketer, there are pros and cons to the online review. Because there are so many platforms designed to host them, customer reviews are tough to monitor and even more difficult to manage, since most of those apps and sites are not client-owned. Even the most positive of reviews are difficult to legitimize with the increasingly widespread practice of false-positive reports by invested stakeholders and, even, businesses paying customers to post about shining experiences… that may not have actually happened. So, what’s a retailer, restaurant or service provider to do? Lie sitting duck or spend countless hours scouring the internet for reviews – positive or negative – that may forever sit on a third party platform? Neither. Take control.

Brands Engage Followers with Unique and Creative Vine Campaigns

It’s been five months since Vine hit the app stores. We’ve seen some brands excel in using the 6-second video application, while others have missed the mark. What’s refreshing and exciting, however, is seeing brands devote full campaigns to the relatively-new platform.

Think Outside the Delivery Box

We stumbled upon what might just be the cutest delivery box for a cookie company. Take a look at your own packaging materials and let us know: Could they be better?

Buyer (and Diner and Traveler) Beware the “Customer” Review

As a consumer, I often rely on reviews from other consumers when making my purchasing (or dining or vacationing) decisions. And as a social media marketer and content provider, I also rely on reviews, feedback and public opinion found online to help my clients better understand where they stand with their customers (and potential customers), and how they can build positive relationships with these audiences. Because of this, I know a lot about the various review sites and forums out there, and I know which ones I can trust more than others.

Abercrombie & Fitch Has A Choice To Make

A controversial statement made by Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has resurfaced alongside new claims that the retailer refuses to make plus sizes for women... and consumers have taken notice. One protested with a controversial statement of his own, and voiced it on social media. Will Abercrombie & Fitch respond?

Taco Bell Sends Snapchat, Young People Freak Out

Taco Bell has done it again. The brand, known for embracing new marketing technologies, used a Snapchat to announce the return of the Beefy Crunch Burrito to a cluster of consumers who added the brand on the mobile app.