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Product video elevates brand and capabilities.

Media Logic is working closely with CPI as they evolve from being a payment card production partner to a comprehensive solutions provider. To support the launch of their unique line of Metal Card solutions, we created a high-end video with sophisticated animation that brought to life both the product and the company’s broader capabilities.

Our ability to distill complex stories into engaging video content serves CPI’s goals well as they work toward reimagining what their future can and should be.

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Contactless payments have been something of a white whale for close to 20 years now: always out there, just about to catch-on, if only… But now, the majority of all in-person transactions in the U.S. take place on contactless-enabled terminals, customers are ready for a faster checkout *and* the nation’s largest issuer of credit cards recently announced plans to roll out 100 million contactless cards in 2019.