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Media Logic can help organizations derive more value from their employees. For Elan, for example, we developed comprehensive communication programs for its ongoing credit card training and sales efforts with its agent financial institutions. For 15+ years, we have delivered campaigns that successfully educate and engage branch personnel, increase card sales and usage and reach specific audience segments, including affluent and small business.

Gear up for Business Elan promos, a one sheet, landing page, and certificate
Visa ICBA Say Yes promo materials, includes poster, landing pages, email, and brochure
Visa ICBA Say Yes promo materials, social ads, email, and banner ad Visa ICBA Say Yes promo materials, includes poster, sticker, and table tent
An Elan employee guide of the Big Cash for Business promotion
CB&T brochures

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Digital companies are turning to traditional channels like direct mail for credit card marketing and personal loan acquisition. Our experts highlight best practices and assess how DM pieces from top fintech brands hold up. Examples include DM packages from SoFi, Chime, Best Egg, Upstart, Aspire, Petal, Payoff and Lending Club.