Launching a family of new credit cards across a network of affiliates.

As the credit card market becomes increasingly competitive, Zions Bancorporation decided to introduce three new credit card products to better serve their mass-market consumer base. Built around the three most popular card categories (cash back, rewards and simplicity), these new cards would each require a unique brand, yet would also still need to fit in Zions Bancorporation’s family of credit card offerings.

To establish these three brands and their respective go-to-market materials, Zions Bancorp turned to Media Logic. From card design and positioning to visual identity, we helped establish a unique brand for each card. Then, to help affiliates launch the new cards, we developed both brand guidelines and a comprehensive Marketing and Messaging Guide, complete with customizable marketing materials.

To further help support the launch, we produced a series of product videos, developed product pages for each affiliate’s website, card carriers and content for an Early-Month-on-Book campaign.

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