Driving a switch to sustainable payment cards.

As part of payment card manufacturer CPI’s commitment to sustainability, they have developed Second Wave™ — a new type of payment card made with a core of recovered ocean-bound plastic.

CPI was looking to educate both prospects and customers about this new solution (and naturally, generate and nurture leads), so Media Logic developed the strategy, executed creative and managed printing and fulfillment for an integrated drip campaign. Driven by consumer preference expressed in research and a guided cadence of sequenced direct mail and email, the drip campaign directed recipients to unique landing pages. Each drop focused on a singular asset including low-lift resources like video and infographics, as well as a white paper, e-book and delivering a physical sample of the innovative card.

Recipients who didn’t respond were retargeted with reminders and new assets. Those who did demonstrate interest were connected directly with salespeople who then followed up personally to provide additional information.

Ipad on wooden tabletop displaying a CPI Second Wave email with video Laptop screen displaying a CPI Second Wave email in outlook browser
Front and back of a CPI direct mail postcard on wooden table top
An open CPI direct mailer with corresponding envelope, lying next to a CPI Second Wave email displayed on an Ipad
Opened CPI direct mailer, with new ocean plastic card on wooden table top Folded CPI direct mailer on wooden table top

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