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Improving user interface for SaaS technology brand.

Autotask was one the first dedicated solutions for IT business management, and the company was geared up for global growth. However, Autotask wanted to be more than a me-too option; they wanted to be best-in-class – in both form and functionality. They asked Media Logic to help.

Working with Autotask’s team of product designers, we developed a simpler, more intuitive interface for their SaaS platform. We helped the client reimagine its product from the user’s perspective – bringing its powerful analytical ability to the forefront. Our team developed an innovative widget-based concept, complete with customizable dashboards, easy-to-access information and user-friendly charts and graphs. Our responsive design also ensured that the interface could provide the same experience across mobile and desktop devices.

The result was a game-changing user experience, which helped propel Autotask’s meteoric sales growth in the months to come.

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