As marketers, we love getting great results for our clients. It’s exciting, validating and incredibly satisfying. It means positive things for our clients’ business, for our client contacts – we particularly love helping you shine – and ultimately for us. One of our favorite recent success stories involves our Medicare marketing work for HAP, a Michigan-based health insurer.

Our first annual enrollment period (AEP) campaign for HAP made a big impact on their 2015 enrollment…and the results got better from there.

chart showing new members up 270% and cost per aquisition down 70%

After only one year of working with Media Logic, HAP acquired 26% more new members versus the previous year. By year five of the relationship, annual new membership was 270% higher than when we started.

There are obviously additional, more proprietary charts that would illustrate the strong performance of specific marketing tactics that we employed – from direct mail and DRTV to paid search and FSI placements (not to mention our highly successful New-to-Medicare program). But the bottom line is clear: HAP got better results immediately…the results improved each year…all while reducing marketing spend.


“Their greatest strength is the ability to quickly understand our business objectives and translate that into strategy and communications that we can measure.”

VP, Marketing & Community Outreach, HAP

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