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Marketing implications of Facebook's algorithm changes

Advice for Financial Services Marketers in the Wake of Facebook’s Algorithm Change

Worried about ongoing changes at Facebook? Don't panic. There are still plenty of opportunities to reach audiences through the social platform with engaging content and targeted ads.

financial services marketing for millennials

What Marketers Can Learn From the Viral HuffPost Piece on Millennials’ Financial Future

Viral HuffPost content on Millennials’ finances has lots to teach financial services marketers.

American Express is first sponsor of video content on Buzzfeed's Nifty

Amex Targets Older Millennials with Sponsored Video Content on BuzzFeed

Amex is betting on BuzzFeed’s winning formula for attracting and engaging Millennial consumers, taking advantage of a tremendous opportunity to get in front of millions (and millions) of their eyeballs via some of the Internet's most popular videos… before anyone else does.

Content Marketing: Don’t Doom Relationships Before They Start

Content marketing is all the buzz these days. And for sure, content marketing has become a prerequisite to doing business for many, if not most, marketers today. However, some are killing any opportunities they create… before they even get off the ground. Consider my recent personal experience: a vendor emailed an invitation to download interesting content and less than five minutes after I clicked on the link – before I’d had an opportunity to digest the content – a salesperson was on the phone asking to follow up with me. Then, before my phone hit the receiver from my brief reply through our receptionist that I was unavailable, an email arrived from the same salesperson. “Gee,” I thought. “This guy is either really on the ball, or this company is starving for business.” The thought of the latter started eroding credibility. Strike one.

Top 4 Factors of an Integrated Approach to Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

More often than not, Media Logic sees companies significantly concentrating on either SEO or social marketing… So how can they effectively integrate both in a strategic approach without expending twice the time and resources? To help provide some direction, I decided to reach out to Media Logic colleague, Danny Dover, an influential SEO expert at SEOmoz, to determine a few key factors in developing an approach that effectively integrates search engine optimization and social media on a small scale. After putting our heads together, we’ve come up with 4 critical success factors for an integrated approach to search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing...