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Successful Health System and Hospital Marketing Strategies: See the Campaigns

Health systems, hospitals and other healthcare providers face many challenges today which require a strategic marketing partnership. Here are a few examples of health system and hospital marketing campaigns from Media Logic.

Successful Healthcare Marketing Strategies: See the Campaigns

During the last year, Media Logic has had the opportunity to guide our healthcare clients – both health insurers and hospital systems – through a wide range of marketing challenges, and help them turn those challenges into opportunities to build stronger brands, generate leads, build loyalty and aid retention.

St. Peter’s Health Partners: Evolving the Brand Story

Including TV, print and digital, Media Logic's campaign for St. Peter's Health Partners profiled positive outcomes in cardiac care, oncology and orthopedics – highlighting the stories of patients and the dedicated team of medical professionals who made those stories possible.

Cooking Up A Successful Hospital Merger Transition

Merging hospitals and healthcare systems is a little like making a giant pot of chili. In the end, the pot of chili has become more than the sum of its parts. Each of the ingredients retains its character to be sure, but the combination creates something altogether new and different. Hearty and wonderful.