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Chase Freedom – #forthefun

The #forthefun campaign gives Chase Freedom a personality boost while still focusing on its value prop: the juxtaposition of the card’s utility (“the card is for the essentials”) with the card’s end benefit (“the cash back is for the fun”).

Is the #TDThanksYou Viral Marketing Campaign Integrated? Does It Matter?

The TD Bank campaign “went viral” in the best sense of the concept, and so in terms of online reach, media exposure and boosts to the brand and its customer loyalty, it’s a remarkable success. If there’s any missed opportunity, it may be that the video itself seems to be the only digital asset for the campaign.

At-A-Glance: American Express EveryDay Getaway

The American Express Everyday card has launched officially and is being promoted heavily though an integrated marketing campaign that includes TV spots, emails, social media and promotions. It was the promotions part of the launch campaign that caught our eye, in particular, "The Epic EveryDay Getaway."