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Javelin insights for merchants and issuers

Consumer Spending Habits: Insights for Merchants and Issuers

Boost your payment strategy with Javelin's findings on consumer spending habits across three channels: in-store, online and mobile.

payment trends articles warn of competition

Continued Surge of Payment Options Makes Customer Communications (Even More) Vital

Articles on payment trends for 2019 include warnings for big banks about how to keep up and compete. We’ve heard these warnings before, of course, and what’s often missing is a reminder about the vital role customer communications play in launching and maintaining payment products.

Chase Is Marketing Chase Pay With Multiple Offers

Recent offers -- including partner discounts and rewards points bonuses that are easy for customers to earn -- make it clear that Chase wants its cardholders to not only *get* Chase Pay but actually *use* it.

Emphasizing Mobile Payment Options Is a Win-Win for Issuers

When we look at three landing pages we see a certain amount of “keeping up with the Joneses” at play in the marketing. It's smart marketing to give your customers options, and that is exactly what these issuers are doing.

Many issuers are failing to drive usage via Apple Pay's default card option

Driving Usage with Apple Pay: What Most Issuers are Missing

Whether grabbing a soda at the vending machine, paying for a rapid pickup order from within the Panera app or making a point of purchase transaction at a local Staples store, the default card is the easiest – and most often chosen – payment method. But issuers aren’t targeting this issue.

Why American Express is Going Old School to Promote the Future

Apple Pay, and other apps like it, could eventually signal a change in how consumers think about and use payment products. And to promote this cutting edge, possibly game changing way to pay, Amex decides to roll out old ad clips. Why evoke these iconic images for such a new piece of technology?