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Graphical illustration of a person using social media with overlay of ear and eye to represent accessibility

Accessibility Best Practices for Social Media + Downloadable Tip Sheet

Social media accessibility is a topic that all marketers should be talking about and addressing. We came up with the acronym FAVE to help marketers remember four of the most important and basic elements for social media accessibility: Formatting, Alt Text/Images, Video and Emojis. In this blog post, we'll explain why FAVE is so crucial and how you can use it to make sure your social media posts comply. And be sure to download our tip sheet for a printable checklist of dos and don'ts you can keep right on your desk!

Watch Visa “Go” with Integrated Social Media

At first, the length of a Vine may seem limiting. What can you say in six seconds? Then along comes Visa to remind us that in a social media world, you can say a lot in six seconds. In fact, Visa has built an entire integrated campaign around it.

Uber: Taking Back Control of the Customer Review

As a marketer, there are pros and cons to the online review. Because there are so many platforms designed to host them, customer reviews are tough to monitor and even more difficult to manage, since most of those apps and sites are not client-owned. Even the most positive of reviews are difficult to legitimize with the increasingly widespread practice of false-positive reports by invested stakeholders and, even, businesses paying customers to post about shining experiences… that may not have actually happened. So, what’s a retailer, restaurant or service provider to do? Lie sitting duck or spend countless hours scouring the internet for reviews – positive or negative – that may forever sit on a third party platform? Neither. Take control.