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5 Ways Health Insurers Are Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Health insurers are moving beyond traditional healthcare and partnering with community- based organizations to address the social determinants of health (SDoH).

CVS Health changes landscape of healthcare

CVS Health Buys Target Pharmacies in Play for World Dominance

CVS Health’s move into Target stores is, of course, financially motivated. However, we think it represents far more than that.

Post-ACA Data: Health Care Shopper Survey Yields Marketing Insights

The results of our new survey, conducted in collaboration with Competiscan, point to ways that insurers can improve the member experience and prepare for future open enrollment periods.

New ACA Data: How Health Care Consumers Shopped Year 2… and Why

Now that open enrollment for the second year of ACA is in the books, Media Logic has teamed up with Competiscan to see how healthcare consumers shopped and to learn what motivated them.

Just How Confused Are Consumers about ACA and Health Plans?

Consumers are very confused: some even think "Obamacare" is their insurance provider. What's it mean for health plans? They can’t take anything for granted in their direct-to-consumer marketing.

Healthcare Trends and Opportunities Outlined in White Paper Continue to Resonate, Reflect Current Headlines

We continue to be pleased with how the paper’s content is performing. "Meet the New Health Care Consumer: Reluctant, Anxious and Looking for Help" has been hitting the mark over and over on subjects that are consistently discussed and covered at industry and news sites.

#GetCovered 3/31 Deadline Puts New Spin on March Madness, Targets Young Invincibles

With an enrollment deadline of March 31, the last month to #getcovered coincides with March Madness, the championship play-offs for NCAA men’s and women’s college basketball. The extremely popular tournament focuses the attention of millions on a single event for a couple of weeks each year. And according to the White House it's “putting on a full-court press to remind our fellow fans that there are two weeks left to sign up for quality, affordable health insurance.”

Strategies for Retention of Health Exchange Enrollees Are Already Critical

Is it too early to talk about building retention, generating loyalty and encouraging advocacy? Absolutely not. And the credit card industry provides a great analog for customer communications in this new health exchange era.

AEP is Over: 3 Timely Actions for Medicare Advantage Plan Marketers

The good news is that if you’re reading this, you survived one of the most demanding AEP's on record! Ready to do it again? Here are three ways to enhance your Medicare Advantage Plan marketing efforts... yes, starting now.

Consumer Education Must be Part of ACA Outreach by Hospitals and Insurers

Consumer education efforts via marketing and human resources improve patients’ health while also improving their immediate experience with payers and providers. And in the long term, those who spend time to educate consumers may endear themselves as trusted resources. Given the large volume of people entering the healthcare marketplace, there is no work-around, and the time is now.