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Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

A Closer Look at Cigna’s Integrated Marketing Campaign to Address Mental Health, Loneliness and Stress

Cigna is using a variety of effective (and creative) content marketing strategies in their integrated marketing campaign to address the social determinants of health (SDoH).

Facebook Redesign 2019

Facebook’s Latest Redesign: What Does It Mean for Healthcare Marketers?

After a series of privacy scandals and user-data issues, Facebook has issued a major redesign for desktop and mobile. Some of these Facebook design updates can impact social content marketing strategies immediately and in the future.

HC insights - podcasts

Health Insurers Use Podcasts to Engage with Brokers and Employer Groups

For over a decade, podcasts have surged in popularity as a storytelling medium filling virtually every niche. With these numbers in mind, healthcare marketers are wondering if this form of audio content can enhance their marketing efforts.

healthcare twitter chats

Twitter Chats for Healthcare Organizations Boost Health Literacy and Patient Engagement

Twitter chats hosted regularly by healthcare organizations can raise awareness of important health issues. Here are a few strong examples of how healthcare organizations can pursue thought leadership and establish connections with patients and members by putting their expertise into a format that works for and engages a social media audience.

Health Insurers Use Social & Web to Promote Open Enrollment

As the Open Enrollment period begins, health insurers must be proactive about explaining ACA-related decisions and various plan options, while continuing to promote enrollment – all within a 45 to 90 day period. A content strategy that utilizes existing digital platforms with built-in audiences, including web and social, is a smart approach for reaching essential targets.

3 Strategies to Help Healthcare Marketers Succeed with Content Marketing

While 62% of B2B marketers report success when it comes to content marketing, B2B healthcare marketers are failing to see comparable results. Only 4% say their programs are extremely successful. To achieve the same levels of content marketing success, B2B healthcare marketers need to play catch up and fast.

social content marketing success story from UCSF Imaging

UCSF Imaging: A Healthcare Content Marketing Success Story

While many healthcare organizations are still trying to figure out how to harness the power of content marketing, Media Logic client UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging (UCSF Imaging) jumped on board in December 2010. Today, its efforts are driving SEO and garnering it attention as a leader in social media.

Providers proactive content marketing puts hospital ratings ahead of third party sites in search results

Providers Proactively Promote their own Physician Ratings Online

As consumers consider both affordability and quality of care, providers that package data so that it’s accessible and usable will be positioned to challenge not only third-party rating sources but also direct competitors in the marketplace.

#GetCovered 3/31 Deadline Puts New Spin on March Madness, Targets Young Invincibles

With an enrollment deadline of March 31, the last month to #getcovered coincides with March Madness, the championship play-offs for NCAA men’s and women’s college basketball. The extremely popular tournament focuses the attention of millions on a single event for a couple of weeks each year. And according to the White House it's “putting on a full-court press to remind our fellow fans that there are two weeks left to sign up for quality, affordable health insurance.”

Online Reviews Making You Queasy? On Proactive Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Trustworthy (or not) and accurate (or not), consumers are using online reviews at least in part to select their healthcare providers. And as more “shopping” behaviors are adopted in healthcare, these reviews can be perceived as measurements. But what is being measured? Outcomes? Costs? Bedside manners? Patient satisfaction does not necessarily equal quality care.