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Apple credit card marketing

Apple Bucks Credit Card Marketing Best Practices

We have been watching with interest how Apple is (and, more importantly, is not) using card marketing best practices to sell its newest product. It offers a good case study in how a beloved brand can use its clout to break from a traditional approach.

AmEx #PassionProject: Social Promotion Attracts Over 330 Entries in Opening Weeks

The campaign positioning places #PassionProject solidly within the brand’s focus. Quite possibly, #PassionProject also expands cardmembers’ brand awareness… from how American Express supports what they’re already doing to how the card might help them do whatever next things they can envision.

Link Roundup: What You Don’t Want to Miss in Social Media and Tech

A collection of social media and tech stories related to Foursquare (which has raised $41 million), Facebook Home (which is now available on certain Androids), Apple's iPhone (the smartphone of choice for teens), Vine (web embedding now available), mobile apps (downloads on the rise) and Twitter (music service acquisition)...