Author: Denise Carney-Jones

Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA)

Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Medicare Advantage Plans – Bubble Wrap or Facebook Home?

Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA), a type of Medicare Advantage plan that combines a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) with a medical savings account have been around for 12 years. Current enrollment is low, but will these plans ever receive meaningful growth and penetration?

“But Our Click-Through Went Up 35%” – Looking Deeper at Optimizing Your Web Experience

During the open enrollment planning phase, healthcare marketers should take a step back to look at web assets and analyze performance based on objectives. Now is the right time to evaluate prior campaign metrics, reassess paid search terms and test the web experience from the consumers’ POV.

AEP marketing and planning

5 Marketing Strategies for a Strong Open Enrollment Period

Creative is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s equally important to solidify what must take place behind-the-scenes: collaboration and follow-through. As marketers, we know that a sound strategy can sometimes veer off course if the proper campaign support falls through the cracks.

challenges for payers in 2015 open enrollment

ACA’s Second Round Still Poses Challenges for Payers

“Been there, done that.” Think that’s what insurers are saying about this year’s health insurance enrollment period? Think again! Tomorrow marks the re-opening of the ACA’s healthcare marketplaces, and while having a year under our collective belts should make the process smoother than the first time out, this year presents both new and continuing challenges.

LA Times creates tool to find doctor on healthcare exchange

Find Doctors: Retail-Style Healthcare Marketing Tool from an Unexpected Source

While doctor databases are not new, typically only individual health insurers track which physicians participate in their own plans. In comparison, the LA Times tool aggregates all the plans in which a doctor participates within Covered California. We find it interesting that this very positive example of retail-style healthcare marketing is coming not from the state or plans themselves, but the media.

Let’s Be Clear, Size Matters: On Marketing Narrow Networks

Are consumers getting what they signed up for? Are they getting what they think they signed up for? The two can be very different: actual plan benefits and limitations vs. perceived plan benefits and limitations. In most cases, this happens when consumers fail to read plan descriptions thoroughly. So is there anything to do from a marketing perspective?

‘Tis The Season: AEP and Real-time Assessment of the Customer Experience

At this point, your marketing plans, advertising and armed sales teams are ready to go. You’re hoping to be the first out of the gate with relevant messaging, attractive pricing and positive word of mouth. So now you kick back and wait until March when the numbers shake out, right? Wrong. Real-time assessment and review of your customers’ shopping experiences can not only make the difference in this year’s numbers but also give you a head start on improvements needed for next year.

Consumer-centric Health Insurance Market Requires Consumer-centric Marketing

A recent blog post from Forrester, “CMOs: Step Up To Lead The Transformation To Customer Obsession,” speaks to marketing managers in industries experiencing increased consumer-centrism – but there’s a major takeaway that’s especially valid for marketers of health plans: "Consumers expect seamless experiences… on their terms."

Marketing Implications for Hospitals & Other Providers in the New Healthcare Market

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly consumer-driven, and providers like hospitals, physician practices and large healthcare systems are starting to take note. According to a recent report from the American Hospital Association (AHA), hospitals must “implement new strategies to succeed in a market where consumers are actively engaged in the purchase of coverage and care delivery services.”

Will You Lose Healthcare Exchange Enrollees If Your Plan Isn’t Priced Lowest?

Millions of individuals have insurance now… with little to no experience of the brand providing the coverage. So what should you be doing? How can you stand out to your healthcare exchange customers as more than just a premium?