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Health Insurers Use Social & Web to Promote Open Enrollment

As the Open Enrollment period begins, health insurers must be proactive about explaining ACA-related decisions and various plan options, while continuing to promote enrollment – all within a 45 to 90 day period. A content strategy that utilizes existing digital platforms with built-in audiences, including web and social, is a smart approach for reaching essential targets.

Google Gamifies Olympic Doodle x4!

Google, the most visited website in the world, has successfully capitalized on the world’s most monumental athletic event—the Summer Olympics. With a majority of the world tuning in or following in some aspect, riding the insurmountable buzz is an obvious marketing strategy. However, Google didn’t solely rely on television spots flooding primetime or even social promotions. In a not-so surprising move, the dominant search engine relied on visits to its own home page-- a tactic relied on less frequently as brands shift focus towards Facebook and landing pages. Starting on the morning of the 2012 Opening Ceremony, Google introduced a new Doodle daily, each depicting a different sporting event. After nine sports, the brand switched it up. It added animation and a gaming aspect to increase engagement.