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As Banks Promote Zelle, They Start Winning the P2P Race

Banks spent many years supporting development of Zelle but only recently began a major push to integrate and promote it.

Why are Financial Institutions Merging Facebook Pages?

If the old saying “three makes a trend” is true, then financial service companies may be on their way to making Facebook page consolidation the social marketing trend de jour. Which FIs are merging Facebook pages, and more importantly, what can others learn from their experience?

Content marketing strategies that matter for financial services

9 Content Marketing Trends of Note for Financial Services

To facilitate a discussion about best practices among your marketing teams, we’ve put together highlights from trends and predictions pieces that are often discussed this time of year and related them specifically to financial services.

6 Factors Changing the Bank Branch Customer Experience

More and more, we see bank branches becoming a mix of environments: high touch for affluent where personal interaction is protected, and low touch – via technology – for mass market consumers. Banks are also reducing real estate and staffing costs as they move to branch models that encompass a strategic mix of venues. Here’s a quick look at why change is happening... and how that change is apparent right now.

5 Ways App Banks Are Changing Financial Services Marketing

Exclusively online/mobile banks have caused some to speculate about the demise of bank branches (as they compile lists of banks that operate primarily on virtual models). Without a doubt, there is a shift away from the “branch centric view” of banking and an evolution of bank accounts toward mobilization, but what we’re really seeing is the latest disruption… a call-to-action for financial services companies of all iterations to revamp financial products themselves and develop new marketing strategies.