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findings from The CMO Survey

Get Inside Your CMO’s Head on Budgets, Growth, Social Media and ROI

Understanding the CMO mindset may be helpful for marketing and product teams as they get in sync with CMO priorities and plans. Here are some key findings from a recent CMO survey by Deloitte and other sponsors in partnership with the American Marketing Association.

How To Identify the Modern Marketer

Okay, you’re an advertising professional, client side or agency side, on a conference call with people you haven’t met. You want to talk strategy, you want to talk creative, you want to talk budget. But you don’t know if the people you are talking to get it. You don’t know if they understand marketing for a social world. How can you find out if they are a modern marketer – an “MM” – without being impolite? It’s simple really. People who get marketing for a social world ask 3 questions that people stuck in a traditional, one-way world rarely bother to ask or barely understand.