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marketing pay it plan it to Amex Millennial cardmembers

Amex Gives Millennials (and Others) Payment Choice With Pay It Plan It

With marketing that is consistent, compelling and relatable – particularly among its Millennial cardmembers– Amex brings high focus and a big investment to “Pay It Plan It,” which allows Amex cardmembers to designate purchases of all sizes for payment in new ways and with greater control.

Fortitech Premixes: Seeing the Benefits of Eye Health

Media Logic helped Fortitech Premixes continue their streak of successful campaigns driving sales with innovation and insight.

The Verizon Droid Campaign: Love It or Leave It?

The Verizon Droid Campaign: Love It or Leave It?Though it has been out for more than a month, an incidental comment about Verizon’s Droid campaign made today by our Director of Media Integration triggered a torrent of comments from our designers. The debate: is the Droid campaign cool? Well targeted? Creepy? Here's what we think.