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Examples of financial services influencer marketing on Instagram

How Financial Services Influencer Marketing Strives for Authenticity on Instagram

Brands on Instagram face a pretty big challenge: how to create content that achieves the level of authenticity platform users expect. One approach is to leverage the audiences of popular content creators, as in these recent posts published in partnership with top FIs, including Amex, Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, U.S. Bank and Visa.

How Financial Services Brands Use Instagram in Marketing Strategies

A Look at Instagram and Its Use in Financial Services Marketing

These examples from Chase, American Express and Citibank demonstrate how financial services brands can use Instagram to support both their value proposition and the platform's mission.

Credit Card Selectors: How Citi’s “Lifestyle” Quiz Tops the Competition

Online card selectors are very common among credit card issuers. They're also quite similar in their features and marketing messages. However, we noticed something quite different happening at Citibank.

Music Takes Center Stage in Financial Services (Content) Marketing

Savvy 21st century consumers are pretty “hip to” most marketing tactics. As we’re all well aware, they don’t want to feel “marketed to.” Instead, companies want to engage with consumers; they want existing customers and prospects to experience their brands. For many, including financial services brands, music is the perfect vehicle to make that happen.

Citibank “Reimagines” Customer Experience at the ATM

When Citibank first introduced ATMs in the 1970s, it was enough that the machines dispensed cash 24/7. Then it was the big, new thing and fulfilled the brand’s slogan: “The Citi never sleeps.” But today, financial services companies are smart to provide additional services -- and an enhanced customer experience -- at their ATMs.

Not Your Father’s ATM: New Self-Service Banking Kiosks Appeal to Affluent Customers

Over the decades, technology has supported improved ATM functionality not only for the consumer but also as an additional channel for banks to market products and service to customers. Now, Chase has introduced self-servicing kiosks which are truly next-generation ATMs.  Surprisingly, they also support the Chase business focus on mass affluent customers and prospects.