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How to boost the “B2C” in B2B2C Healthcare Marketing

Historically, many digital health companies leaned into B2C2B marketing as their go-to-market strategy. The go-to-market strategy of B2C2B companies is to first build a strong end-consumer base, a logical way to develop the credibility and brand value needed to sell into payers, providers and enterprises for larger scale growth. But 34% of these B2C2B companies eventually evolve their model from B2C2B to B2B2C. Here are some strategies to help engage healthcare consumers and create a win-win for your B2B partner and your bottom line.

Best Practices in Social Sharing (What to Say & When to Say It!)

As with traditional marketing, timing social marketing initiatives correctly is essential for communicating with the right audience. Further, the time and day that marketers should be posting is dependent on the target audience (business versus consumers) and social platform (Facebook versus Twitter versus LinkedIn). MarketingProfs explores when brands should be posting to their social streams-- even down to the hour. Plus, see a break down of best practices in social sharing. Hint: B2B brands receive significantly higher engagement when using hash tags on Twitter than B2C brands! Talk to us for additional social insights — and the who’s, what’s, when’s, and where’s of social sharing.