What is Zeitgeist & Coffee?

As recently as just two years ago we were all okay being marketed to. Passively. And in nothing like real-time.

No longer.

Technological changes, specifically in mobile devices and social media, have driven a rapid evolution of our marketing culture. Today, in addition to up-to-the-second information, consumers expect sincere two-way communication between themselves and the businesses and organizations with which they would like to have relationships. Owned media – websites, social sites, stores, etc. – must now take the strategic point, ahead of traditional advertising and public relations, in branding and promotions.

It’s all very exciting. But the time and resource demands of real-time engagement through owned media is stressing – and often breaking – established marketing budgets, protocols … and relationships.

To meet the challenges and take advantage of the incredible communication opportunities now available, Media Logic created Zeitgeist & Coffee, a real-time marketing collaboration and management platform.

Zeitgeist & Coffee ScreenZeitgeist & Coffee is a complete social ecosystem – idea exchange, content development environment, assignment and approval dashboard, posting hub, and monitoring and an analysis tool – designed to deliver marketing for a social world.

But Zeitgeist & Coffee is much more than a technology.

Zeitgeist & Coffee manages the new marketing protocol, the new way clients, agencies and customers must work together. It is the tool our Conversation Managers use to connect and collaborate with our clients in real-time and is the tool that allows Media Logic to deliver our innovative social marketing services: Influencer Marketing, Managed Community Marketing and Social Promotions and Social Stream Marketing.

Zeitgeist & Coffee comes bundled with every Media Logic relationship and undergoes routine enhancements to meet the evolving demands of marketing for a social world.

For more information and to request a custom demo, contact us.