Helping Geisinger Medicare Advantage plans speak to diverse personas.

When it comes to Medicare Advantage, Geisinger Gold plans have a strong value proposition –  generous benefits, low-cost plans and an extensive network of top-quality providers. However, they needed a way to stand out from a variety of competitors in their Pennsylvania service area – and to better connect with a diverse set of Medicare consumers.

Working with Geisinger, Media Logic used personas to segment their best prospects by demographic and psychographic factors and develop tailored messaging that would resonate with each audience. Three main audiences were identified, as well as the Geisinger Gold benefits that would be the most enticing to them. For some members, we focused on messaging that spoke to savings and value, while for others, we took a more emotional approach, speaking to flexibility and getting the most out of life.

The campaign focused heavily on primarily utilized channels that could be segmented while also leveraging some traditional broader marketing tactics like TV. Direct mail, paid social and online display ads were all uniquely created for each audience. In the end, Geisinger was able to show its authentic commitment to Pennsylvanians and the personalized needs of their MA members.


Three Geisinger Direct Mail pieces
Geisinger direct mailer and paid ads on an iPad
outside front panel of a Geisinger direct mailer next to a Geisinger facebook ad Geisinger facebook ad on iPhone
Geisinger pad banner ad displayed on an iPad Outside front panel of a Geisinger direct mailer

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