New-to-Medicare review yields stronger campaign.

Media Logic and MVP Health Care recently reviewed their entire New-to-Medicare strategy, providing a unique opportunity to rework the program from the ground up. We left no stone unturned, from refining the Direct Mail cadence and developing new, more focused assets, to creating fully-automated email campaigns and aligning new calls-to-action with specific landing pages and refreshed web content.

The new integrated campaign is also informed by the latest research into this important audience, ensuring we provide the right education and support for those aging into Medicare now, while acknowledging and accommodating the increasing number of older adults who are choosing to retire later.

Laptop and cell phone displaying MVP's landing page as well as a letter with it's envelope and buckslips
Self mailer on grey, granite counter top with a black tablet and cell phone displaying an MVP landing page Self mailer open on grey, granite counter top
MVP's quick guide open on marble counter top with black cell phone showing an MVP landing page
Tablet and cell phone displaying MVP's landing page along with a slef mailer package including a letter and buckslip

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