Unique market requires education and awareness for Medicare AEP strategy.

While Aspire Health Plan is the only insurer that offers Medicare Advantage plans in Monterey County, they still faced several challenges. For one, most members of the community have opted for Original Medicare and are not used to shopping during the AEP cycle. In addition, Monterey County has a large Spanish-speaking population.

To overcome these obstacles, Media Logic developed an AEP strategy that focused primarily on education and awareness. Knowing content marketing would be important, we began publishing educational blogs and social posts before AEP even began, resulting in Q3 organic traffic doubling over the previous year.

Once AEP kicked into gear, so did our comprehensive marketing efforts that focused on quickly communicating that prospects could be missing out on valuable benefits, urging them to make sure they have the coverage that makes the most sense during the current health crisis, and focusing on the extra benefits MA plans offer, such as prescription drug coverage, wellness extras, dental and vision.

We also created full Spanish-speaking versions of each marketing component, including blogs and social posts, to illustrate how Aspire is committed to serving this large, fairly-untapped market.

Close up of Aspire Health Plan self mailer Aspire Health opened self mailer
Aspire Health Plan letter package with OE, letter and insert
Google search of Aspire Health Plan's paid search Letter from Aspire with an iPhone displaying an Aspire Health Plan Facebook ad
An opened Aspire Health Plan Medicare comparison guide
Aspire letter package including letter, insert, & OE with an iPhone displaying an Aspire Health Facebook post Cover of the Aspire Health Plan Medicare comparison guide and letter
Backside of an Aspire Health Plan insert with an Aspire Facebook social post on iPhone Aspire Health Plan letter package with front side of insert, letter and OE

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