Attention-grabbing extras help Medica get up and running quickly for Medicare AEP.

For new client Medica, the assignment was twofold – Media Logic needed to help the Minneapolis health insurer create a powerful value-driven Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP) campaign for their local established market, while simultaneously launching their suite of Medicare Advantage plans in a new market (Omaha, Nebraska). Adding to the challenge, the entire campaign needed to be up and running in less than 10 weeks (as AEP was just around the corner).

Campaigns in both markets came together quickly by playing up Medica’s rich supplemental benefits. Creative and messaging built around the ability to get “more” from a Medica Medicare plan allowed the insurer to focus on the benefits and extras that recent Medicare consumer research indicates are driving decision-making.

Medica billboard displaying
Opened Medica self mailer, with folded self mailer on top to display the other side Medica letter, one sheet and opened brochure with corresponding envelope
Medica brochure on wooden table top, one version shown open and the other closed to show the cover
A Medica FSI shown on top of a newspaper displaying a Medica ad strip A Medica newspaper print ad, lying next to an open laptop displaying a Medica landing Page as well as an iPhone with a Medica Facebook social post.
A Medica brochure, one sheet, and letter with corresponding envelope
Medica landing page shown on iPad with an Iphone showing a Medica Facebook social post Medica newspaper print ad with an iPhone displaying a Medica Facebook social post

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