Helping food ingredient company target high-opportunity consumers.

As veteran functional ingredient marketers with two decades of experience, Media Logic understands that it’s critical to understand your clients’ customers – the multinational food, beverage and OTC pharmaceutical manufacturers that define the industry.

However, we also believe it’s vital to know your clients’ customers’ customers: the high-opportunity consumer segments that fuel industry growth.

This was the strategy behind a multi-year, lead generation and nurture campaign for nutrient premix leader Fortitech. Combining direct marketing, digital marketing, content marketing and custom-tailored landing pages, each effort focused on a particular consumer segment that was bolstering sales growth and innovative product development in the industry.

In this particular effort, we demonstrated Fortitech’s strength in developing premix solutions that would appeal to nutrition-savvy millennials. The effort targeted manufacturers serving this segment with a range of media, from email and print to digital display and social marketing. Each campaign element drove prospects to a landing page where they could register for a white paper and other valuable content…thus turning prospects into leads.

The efforts helped create a steady stream of highly-qualified leads, while positioning Fortitech as a strategic partner in product development (and far more than an ingredient supplier).

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