Health plan pairs peace of mind with real value.

Regional health insurer MVP Health Care® had been building momentum in Vermont with successful targeted campaigns driven by savings messaging. But in light of the extreme challenges faced by both businesses and consumers in 2020, that message needed refinement. It wasn’t just about MVP being the “lowest cost” health plan, but also the peace of mind and overall value the health plan could provide.

Media Logic worked with MVP to develop a new campaign building on the Switch & Save approach in a way that acknowledged the need and seriousness of the moment, with messaging shaped by the theme: “Now more than ever, MVP has you covered.”

Led by a strong direct-response television spot and supported by an integrated campaign that included radio, out-of-home, paid search and digital display ads, direct mail, print, and a dedicated landing page, the campaign spoke to prospects and existing members, to both consumers and small groups, promising savings, quality, and reassurance… from Vermont’s lowest cost health plan.

MVP print ad in newspaper Two MVP banner ads shown on laptop MVP print ad shown in magazine next to an MVP letter and envelope
MVP consumer ad shown on the side of a bus
MVP self mailer MVP letter package with letter, envelope and brochure
MVP letter package with opened brochure, letter and envelope MVP landing page shown on a laptop
MVP print ad in a newspaper with an opened MVP self mailer

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