Fall campaign helps health plan build on brand promise.

The MVP Health Care brand is about making health insurance more convenient. More supportive. More personal. Gia® represents the health insurer’s latest step forward in living up to this promise – a 24/7 healthcare connection that pairs virtual care services with expert answers and advice, prescription ordering and more.

After all, “Wouldn’t it be nice…” to imagine healthcare without all the figuring out… with less stress and more savings?

Media Logic worked with MVP first on helping to design and refine the Gia® app itself, then on building a TV campaign to showcase Gia’s strengths. Using a modern cover of The Beach Boys’ classic “Wouldn’t it be nice” as the indelible soundtrack, the spots set a mood of optimism, simplicity, and peace of mind. They feature a range of consumers effortlessly using Gia to resolve potential health concerns so they can get back to enjoying life.

The campaign highlights Gia as proof of MVP’s continuing commitment to meeting member needs, and to their brand promise of “health insurance built around me.”


MVP Gia landing page displayed on laptop

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