Balancing brand and best practices to drive acquisition and usage.

In an effort to optimize card engagement, Toyota and ADS, in alliance with Visa and Media Logic, embarked on a four-stage mission to improve their co-brand card marketing.

  1. They tapped psycho-demographic research to identify key needs and pain points among Toyota and Lexus customers.
  2. Media Logic took these learnings to develop new acquisition and usage communications that followed best practices while also infusing more of the Toyota and Lexus branding.
  3. This new creative was tested among prospects and current cardholders to see which approaches resonated best.
  4. The direct mail and email packages were then refined into powerful communications that would appeal to Toyota and Lexus brand loyalists, boost acquisition and drive world spend.
self mailer shows co-brand card marketing with Lexus
letter in envelope for Toyota co-brand card marketing promoting bonus points
close up letter for cobranded card marketing with Toyota close up insert of Toyota cobranded card marketing
close up email promoting Lexus cobranded card marketing on ipad

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