Key Bank Keeps It Real, Drives Traffic to Branch Locations


“Make It Real” was a solid brand-awareness campaign with both social and local elements. But Key Bank took it to another level with two additional strategies: charitable giving and lead generation.

Client’s Global Growth Attests to Strong International Brand Presence


Not every marketing agency has the opportunity to be part of team that builds a global brand, and what's exciting to us is that awareness of the Fortitech name in localized regions around the world now often precedes a formal introduction to a Fortitech representative -- which makes that first meeting a lot warmer and often more productive toward sales.

Chew on This: Kraft’s Social Marketing for a Cause


According to a study mentioned in a recent emarketer article, “in 2009, large majorities of consumers wanted a variety of opportunities to support brands that were active in cause marketing, and by July 2010 they were even more enthusiastic about ways companies could get involved.” Kraft Foods logoWe’ve noted previously that more and more brands are attempting to feed this national moral hunger through cause-related marketing efforts, and to that end, many are building awareness of such efforts through social media. A perfect example is Kraft Foods.

Media Planning in a Future Age (aka Now)


Do not wait for your customers to stumble to you based on the results of an algorithm. Tap directly into the power of the conversations that technology is emboldening your customers to have with, or about, your product or service.

Z&C Poll RESULTS: Charmin Promotion – Over the Line or Smart and Fun?


A strong majority of Z&C Poll participants (66%) felt that the latest Charmin promotion is, at the very least, fun. And very, very few thought it was in poor taste. “Enjoy the Go” Charmin! Z&C Poll RESULTS: Charmin Promotion – Over the Line or Smart and Fun?
The “Enjoy the Go” promotion is an attempt by Charmin to build buzz and drive awareness using a conversation-centric marketing approach. Twitter chatter has died down since last week, but we will be watching (from afar) to see how this promotion develops when it launches at the end of November.

Z&C Poll: Charmin Promotion – Over the Line or Smart and Fun?


Z&C Poll: Charmin Promotion – Over the Line or Smart and Fun?Vote in our latest Z&C Poll! We’ve seen brands respond to the challenge of conversation-centric marketing in vastly different ways. Some have reacted by becoming even more cloistered; others are testing the outer boundaries of taboo. Charmin’s latest promotion shows that CPG, at least relative to this brand, has chosen the latter path. John Jordan, a member of Media Logic’s xTeam, came across a article this morning about Charmin’s promotion. It generated quite the conversation at Media Logic:

From: John Jordan Odd story, but should be interesting: Charmin to pay 5 people $10k to blog, and share experience in a makeshift bathroom.

From: Patrick Boegel It might be insane, but the methodology from P&G is likely spot on. This campaign will generate attention and receive coverage from bloggers and the media. Regardless of the tenor of the coverage, good or bad, people will be writing about this promotion for awhile.

From: Ron Ladouceur Maybe it’s because I came of age in the earthier 70s, but to me this sounds like a fantastic Social Juice promo (though, in this case, “juice” might be an ugly word). Can you imagine how great a sell it took to get a bunch of P&G execs to sign off on “enjoy the go?” Hats off! Frankly, I think the author of this review sounds a bit constipated. She could use a Charmin break. Time will tell if Charmin’s latest promotion will be a success or failure. But, at least around here, it’s got people talking. What do you think? Does the latest Charmin Times Square bathroom campaign push past the boundaries of good taste or is it an effective exploitation of a taboo subject?

Putting Their Best Foot Forward


Putting Their Best Foot ForwardSo why are a series of active older adults declaring “I have SilverSneakers®” if they’re not actually wearing said sneakers? It’s the creative hook to a new TV spot that we developed for the nation's premier senior fitness program, SilverSneakers, from Healthways. The spot is designed to build name recognition for the SilverSneakers program, while demonstrating the end benefit of lifelong fitness — the ability to stay active, and enjoy life.