Media Logic Releases Video Content Marketing Collection

Did you know that by 2019, “80% of all Internet traffic will be devoted to video?”

Adweek called video the “future of content marketing.” It’s a powerful tool that’s here now, and many marketers are already on board. Knowing this, Media Logic set out to build a comprehensive collection of video content from health insurers of all sizes. We have compiled more than 40 examples of how 25 health insurers from around the country are using video to educate, communicate and provide support to their members and prospects.

We put together a seven-part collection that highlights some of the top ways insurers are relying on video to meet their marketing goals. From highlighting products and benefits, to addressing healthcare challenges, promoting health and wellness, to providing member and prospect assistance, and everything in between, we have all of your video content marketing curiosities covered. We’ve housed the entire collection in an easy-to-use, searchable microsite. Check out this must-use resource for marketers in the healthcare industry.