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Video Content Can Really Boost your Healthcare Brand’s Social Media Strategy

See why healthcare brands are incorporating video into their social media strategies and get recent examples of social media videos from healthcare brands that demonstrate how the approach to social content can be adopted by organizations of any size.

New Whitepaper on the “Big 6” Social Marketing Strategies for Financial Institutions

Over the past 18 months, businesses across industries have watched social media swiftly migrate to the center of marketing and business strategy. Organizations large and small are not only embracing social media, but are discovering innovative ways to use social media as a business tool, by moving “the conversation” to the center of their decision-making processes. However, businesses in the financial services sector have been slower than their consumer brand cousins to embrace social media. Media Logic’s latest whitepaper, Fear not! How financial service institutions can put the ‘Big 6’ social marketing strategies to work, suggests strategies, platforms, and control protocols for how financial service institutions and other regulated businesses can begin to step into social marketing without fear. DOWNLOAD THE WHITEPAPER