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Capital One Spark Pay Extends the Small Business Sub-brand

Square was the first to introduce a combo mobile card reader and app. Since it arrived on the scene, issuers – including Bank of America and U.S. Bank – began offering similar services. But Capital One might be the only issuer using the same sub-brand for its payment reader as it does for its payment products. By calling it “Spark Pay,” the bank elevates its overall sub-brand offering and shows that Capital One’s more than a small business payment provider: it’s a complete small business banking solution.

Financial Service Brands, Are You Banking on Social Media?

“Amateurish.” “Hibernation.” “Clumsily.” Three words that organizations certainly don’t want describing their social marketing efforts and practices. Unfortunately, for a majority of wealth managers and private banks, this is the reality, according to a recent study of 50 leading financial services brands.

JPMC Foundation’s Kimberly Davis: Taking Risks. Making Change. And Engaging a Whole Lot of Fans.

The June special issue of Fast Company featured "The 100 Most Creative People in Business". The section about JP Morgan Chase Foundation's President, Kimberly Davis, caught my attention instantly because her story helps illustrate some of our own findings here at Media Logic about brand engagement, and similar transparency versus authenticity obstacles that we have encountered with our financial clients and observed in our recent research whitepaper.