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How Citizens Bank Knew It Was “Ready” for a Rebrand

How do you know when you’re “ready” for a rebrand? For Citizens Bank, it was when their customer data told them so. We take a look at how “Made Ready” targets a new kind of customer journey and builds emotional affinity for the brand.

Ally Bank Monopoly game

Ally Bank Monopoly Campaign Makes a “Play” for Customer Engagement With Financial Education

Creative financial education campaigns like this not only show that FIs can push beyond what they’d consider traditional marketing but also make a good case for it being necessary in order to cut through the noise and get consumers engaged with the brand.

“We Have an Activation Problem,” Said the Bank Without an EMOB Plan

Many financial institutions can speak to their EMOB initiatives, but seldom are we able to get our hands on formalized plans that we can review and use to inform our recommendations. Why? Because more often than not, formalized EMOB plans don’t exist.

how financial services content marketing works

How Financial Services Content Marketing Creates Value

If you imagine a strategy for 2019 that hits the trifecta -- it builds relationships, it provides customers with clear value *and* it offers measurable ROI -- there’s a good chance that winning strategy is a content marketing strategy.

2018 Senior Media Habits Survey

Senior Media Preferences Are Evolving

Targeting the 65+ audience requires an integrated, diverse media approach. Use results from Media Logic’s 2018 Media Habits Study to optimize channel selection and reach current and potential customers effectively.

Marketing tactics for matching consumers with right credit card

Offering Consumers the Right Credit Card Can Recapture Lost Revenue

Many financial institutions invest in ongoing marketing campaigns that target cardholders who are simply carrying the wrong credit card. We explain how this happens and how to fix it, including tactics that increase spend, share of wallet and customer satisfaction.

Marketing for Regions Now Cards

Regions Now Card Marketing Glosses Over Its Most Unique Features

Although the unique features of the Regions Now Card may appeal to Millennials, the prepaid card's marketing misses that opportunity and leads with its more common benefits instead.

What the difference between retargeting and remarketing means for your digital strategy

Retargeting vs. Remarketing > Two Letters Make a Big Difference

Among the options available to digital marketers are two very similarly named tactics: retargeting and remarketing. In practice, some treat them as if they are the same, but they are probably more different than alike.

recommendation for authentic marketing for Millennials

Is Your Bank Trying to Talk to Millennials? The Struggle Is Real

We advocate for marketing that builds rapport, not through parroting the vocabulary, but by engaging in a way that’s authentic to the brand and helpful/relevant to the Millennial consumer.

Recap of FS brand Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl 50 Ads: New Financial Services Brands Use Old Tactics… and “Visa” Versa

In the Super Bowl this year, we saw a trio of financial service “disruptors” use the tried and true Super Bowl brand spot to declare how they differ from traditional banks, while two older financial companies used less traditional tactics as part of their approach.