Helping Medicare brand shine in new and existing markets.

Wisconsin-based Quartz entered 2020 with aggressive growth goals for its Medicare products – including expansion into a new market where the brand had no awareness. They tapped Media Logic to help lead the charge.

We worked closely with the client to identify key advantages (including Quartz’s 5-Star Rating and competitive supplemental benefits) and vulnerabilities in each of their five markets, and we crafted a targeted marketing plan that included:

One of the key strategies involved leveraging Quartz’s relationship with leading hospital systems in each market – prominently featuring their logos in all marketing materials. This helped position Quartz as a collaborative partner that works closely with the members’ providers, while helping Quartz establish instant credibility for their new market entry. We also developed messaging that could be sent from the providers directly to their patients to emphasize the strength of the partnership.

The result was a hard-working, highly-tailored effort, designed to make a strong connection with prospects and maximize lead generation.

Quartz letter package including letter, one sheet and envelope with an iPhone displaying a Quartz social ad
Up close image of a opened Quartz self mailer A quartz booklet shown open and also shown closed to seee the cover alongside an iPhone with a Quartz social post
An open laptop displaying Quartz paid search results on Google with a Quartz FSI
Close up cover of a Quartz self mailer with another also opened to see the inside A Quartz FSI alongside an iPhone displaying a Quart social post
A Quartz letter package including a letter, one sheet, buckslip and envelope

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