$0 Medicare plan provides exciting AEP messaging.

MVP Health Care’s 2020 Medicare AEP campaign leans into the benefits of their $0 plan. Packing a surprising amount of value into such an affordable option gave the upstate health insurer a powerful message to take out in front of AEP enrollment.

The fun, arresting visual approach makes the campaign hard to miss, carrying through from TV and Direct Mail to out-of-home, print and more. Dedicated landing pages provide a simple way to target messages geographically and funnel consumers toward the desired action. The effort is further supported by paid search, email and online video assets that help make the case for MVP’s Medicare plan options.

MvP billboard displaying MVP's $0 medicare plan
MVP direct mailer and Ipad displaying a MVP landing page on a wooden table top
An MVP brochure being displayed on a wooden tabletop
Close up of an MVP brochure MVP letter with envelope and a MVP landing page shown on a mobile device
MVP letter package, including a letter, an insert and envelope
Newspaper showing an MVP print Ad and a MVP newspaper wrap Newspaper showing an MVP print Ad and a MVP newspaper wrap

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