Launching a Medicare Advantage plan specifically for veterans.

Veterans who are of Medicare-eligible age don’t always realize that they’ve earned the right to take advantage of both their VA benefits and a Medicare Advantage plan. MVP Health Care’s new Medicare Patriot Plan was designed specifically for this audience – pairing traditional features and benefits with extras like free rides to and from medical appointments at VA hospitals and facilities, and expanded prescription drug coverage.

But how do you effectively launch a new product during a pandemic?

Media Logic worked with MVP to develop targeting and creative to launch the new MVP Medicare Patriot Plan. Embracing iconography associated with serving our country, the campaign incorporated direct mail, outdoor, print, digital and in one market, a 15-second television spot for a Veterans telethon. The individual pieces directed veterans to a landing page that clearly outlined details about the unique plan, and offered up an easy-to-understand Medicare kit (auto-fulfilled via email) to generate and nurture leads.

MVP 2020 Veterans Campaign Billboard
Close up of the inside of a MVP Veterans self mailer Outside of a MVP veterans folded self mailer Inside view of MVP Veterans self mailer
MVP Veterans print ad MVP Veterans landing page shown on iPad
MVP Veterans letter package including one sheet, letter, and envelope

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